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Welcome to Icon Wheels, where luxury and performance converge to redefine your driving experience. Our exclusive wheel collections are meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle.

Wheels for Bentley - Unmatched Elegance

Elevate your Bentley with our specially designed wheels that epitomize unmatched elegance. Each wheel is a testament to precision engineering and style, tailored for Bentley enthusiasts who demand the best.

Cadillac Wheels - Fusion of Style and Performance

Our Cadillac wheels offer a seamless fusion of style and performance, delivering a driving experience that exceeds expectations. Explore our collection to discover custom rims that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Cadillac but also elevate its speed and handling. Don't just drive; make a statement with Icon Wheels on your Cadillac.

Land Rover Wheels - Conquer Any Terrain

Icon Wheels understands the adventurous spirit of Land Rover owners. Our off-road wheels are crafted to conquer any terrain, ensuring durability and reliability in the face of challenging conditions. Elevate your off-road experience with Icon Wheels - where performance meets rugged elegance.

Mercedes Wheels - Elevate Your Driving Experience

For Mercedes enthusiasts seeking to personalize their driving experience, Icon Wheels presents a range of customization options. Our premium alloy rims not only add a touch of luxury but also enhance the overall performance of your Mercedes-Benz. Redefine your journey with Icon Wheels.

Porsche Wheels - Precision and Power

Precision and power come together in our high-performance wheels designed exclusively for Porsche cars. The aerodynamic design of Icon Wheels ensures optimal speed and handling, complementing the iconic Porsche driving experience. Unleash the full potential of your Porsche with Icon Wheels.

Rolls Royce Wheels - Luxury Beyond Limits

Indulge in luxury beyond limits with Icon Wheels' exclusive Rolls Royce collection. Our wheels are crafted with exquisite designs, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Elevate your Rolls Royce to new heights of elegance and distinction with Icon Wheels.

What are the benefits of high-performance rims?

The benefits of high-performance rims include:

  • Improved Physical Appearance: High-performance rims enhance the visual appeal of a vehicle.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Safety and Security: They can contribute to safe and secure driving.
  • Reasonable and Affordable Investment: Upgrading to high-performance rims is considered a reasonable and affordable investment.
  • Increased Tire Lifespan: High-performance rims can help increase the life of tires.
  • Higher Resale Value: They can potentially increase the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Improved Traction and Handling: Upgrading to high-performance rims can lead to improved traction and handling, especially when paired with high-performance tires.
  • Better Acceleration and Braking: Lighter and stronger materials, such as alloy or forged wheels, can improve acceleration, braking, and overall handling.
  • Customization Options: High-performance rims offer a wide range of customization options, including different sizes, widths, and finishes.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Upgrading to lighter wheels can contribute to improved fuel efficiency by reducing rotational mass, leading to better fuel economy.

How to choose the right size of high-performance rims for your car?

When choosing the right size of high-performance rims for your car, consider the following steps and factors:

Size and Fit:

  • Restrict your search to wheels of a suitable size that provide a safe amount of clearance from the braking components.
  • Count the bolts on the current rim to identify your vehicle's bolt pattern, which is typically represented as compound dimensions (e.g., "5x4.5").

Performance and Handling:

  • Consider the balance between performance, handling, and cost, as larger rims and low-profile tires can affect both performance and budget.
  • Assess your racing goals, racing discipline, driving style, and tire selection to determine the appropriate rim size for racing.


  • If you're still unsure about the size of rims you need, it's advisable to consult with a qualified wheel and tire specialist.

These steps and factors will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right size of high-performance rims for your car.


In conclusion, Icon Wheels invites you to elevate your ride with our diverse and luxurious wheel collections. Whether you own a Bentley, Cadillac, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, or Rolls Royce, our wheels are designed to exceed expectations. Experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and exclusivity with Icon Wheels.


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